Aileen Quinn

My name is Aileen Quinn and my mantra is that I am here to explore what is limitless. I am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with additional extensive training in trauma-informed care. I have taught yoga and mindfulness classes in a wide range of settings – from studios, gyms, parks, outdoor events, workplace wellness classes, and private sessions, as well as in children and adolescent – specific groups, psychiatric hospitals, health clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

I am originally from Los Angeles, and currently reside in Sacramento, CA. While I’ve earned a masters degree in Psychology and a bachelors in Anthropology, I’ve been able to integrate my background education with my knowledge of yoga, offering an in-depth approach in my teaching style – working around many themes such as the value of mindfulness, self-discovery, and building community. My formal education in these social sciences has enhanced my appreciation and curiosity in the richness of cultural diversity as well as an understanding of the physical effects of trauma on the body and mind, and guiding others toward the path to building resiliency. After graduating, I became the co-founder of Advocate Yoga – an organization that advocates for the accessibility of health and wellness through yoga and mindfulness practices, where I continue to offer my work – sharing educational resources and opportunities to practice yoga and mindfulness.

I am passionate about this work because I believe that we as human beings are all on our own personal journeys toward a continuous and never-ending discovery of ourselves. As yoga personally inspired me toward this path of exploring and aspiring to more in life, I continue to share this practice with my community, providing classes in a diverse range of settings, serving to various experience levels and abilities.

Along with weaving yoga into my life, I’ve rekindled my passion for rock climbing and always opt to playing outside – feeling most at home when I’m up in the mountains, out in the desert, or along the coast. I am committed to protecting our environment and our public lands. I serve my local climbing community organization in promoting the access to outdoor climbing, holding the position as a board member. When I’m not busy advocating for these passions of mine, I use my creative energy to create and curate art through several mediums, including painting, mixed media, graphic design and photography. Lastly, I am passionate about the connection that music brings to community and to ourselves. While playing my harmonium and practicing kirtan, I enjoy leading mantra meditations and chanting as a way to connect to our hearts.

I developed my personal practice into something to share with others, creating Yoga by Aileen. I didn’t invent yoga. But I have studied extensively into my passion of making yoga accessible to any body, and I have fine-tuned this work so that no two classes are ever the same. I focus on becoming mindful to each moment, each breath, and each movement, and loving yourself first and foremost. I am inspired by the ability to push ones edge to what ever degree promotes resilience, strength, and gentle fierceness – while practicing self accountability to not exceed beyond that edge.

No one ever stops learning more from yoga. I’ll always humbly accept that I am a student first, and a teacher second – and look forward to growing through this practice together.

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